Saturday 13 June 2009

A Series for Kids

Finished June 13
Spy Dog and Spy Dog 2 by Andrew Cope
I bought this series for my 6-year-old nephew, and I'm sure he'll find it great fun. The series centers around a very special dog, trained by the British Secret Service and now a family pet. The dog, Lara (Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal) has many skills unheard of in dogs. She can whistle, understand several languages, and use a computer. She has been trained to act normal and get taken in by the RSPCA and choose a family for adoption if she gets separated from her masters. In the first book, she does this, and while the Secret Service is looking for her, so is the drug kingpin she just foiled. She finds it difficult to behave like a normal dog, but her affection for her family becomes strong.
In the second book, she takes up surfing and foils a team of dognappers during a family vacation.
I must admit that while this series is great fun, I originally bought it as a family joke, as my sister's name is Lara, and I thought my nephew would find it funny to have his aunt's name the same as this heroic dog. After reading it, I know he'll enjoy it on its own merits as well.

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