Monday, 22 June 2009

Kid's Book

Finished June 21
Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf: a year told through stuff by Jennifer L. Holm, pictures by Elicia Castaldi
Bought this book for my niece but think I'll wait a bit to give it to her (she's nine and I think a couple years older would be better suited). It is an interesting book though, told in an interesting way. Ginny is going into grade seven and has a to-do list. They don't include accidentally turning her hair pink or getting detention, but those things happen.
She has issues with friends, family (a new stepdad) and babysitting. She has her supporters, including a long-distance grandfather, and her mother is understanding. It is the layout of the book that really makes this work. It is a scrapbook style with collages of items on every page, illustrating Ginny's life in a way that words alone cannot.
I suppose it could fall into the category of graphic novel, but it is not the classic comic book style, and that is something that will intrigue young readers.

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