Wednesday 10 June 2009

Mystery in Series

Finished June 10
Borderline by Nevada Barr
This is the latest in the series featuring Anna Pigeon. After the events in Isle Royale, Anna is suffering from post-traumatic stress and she and husband Paul take an excursion in Big Bend National Park on the border of Texas and Mexico. This excursion includes whitewater rafting and Anna is able to use the beauty of nature to take her mind off her problems and participate in the social life of the guided trip. Then the raft is lost and the bedraggled group come across a pregnant woman in bad shape, caught up in debris in the river. They manage to bring her to shore, but things only get worse from there.
Elsewhere in the park a conference on border issues is going on. The conference includes academics and politicians, including the charismatic mayor of Houston, who is aiming for higher office. As the events on the river unfold, the mayor involves herself in this ongoing drama and Anna finds herself less able than usual to stay in control.
This is fast-moving and has lots going on, including some interesting personalities. I particularly liked the college students on the rafting expedition. Barr makes them come alive for the reader.
A great escape read, with real social issues as well.

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