Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Latest in Series

Finished June 3
A Matter of Justice by Charles Todd
This is the latest in the series featuring Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge, a man shell-shocked in WWI and haunted by one of his men whose death he feels responsible for.
In this case, Rutledge is called to a small village to investigate a murder where the victim's body has been displayed in an unusual way. He has just come from the wedding of a good friend and is the nearest inspector to the village. He finds the local inspector not entirely open about all the local feelings surrounding the victim, and the two sometimes seem to work at odds to each other. The victim is a London businessman, who has taken on the role of squire in the village and yet seems to have the animosity of most of the inhabitants including his estranged wife.
We are given information early on in the book about the early history of Quarles, the victim, and his business partner, Penrith, and the crime that drew them together during the Boer War. We also see the animosity of the brother of the man they betrayed and his plan to take them both down.
From this point we see the story from Rutledge's view and see how he works to find the truth behind the feelings against Quarles in the village and the juxtaposition of his reputation in London. We see how Rutledge is tenacious about this case, as he has been about his previous cases, and how Hamish, the voice in his head, affects his actions.
An interesting story of justice, and its side effects.

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