Friday 24 April 2009


Finished April 23
In Spite of Myself by Christopher Plummer
This is a highly entertaining piece of writing by a great entertainer. He has certainly done a lot of things that aren't looked kindly on by society: drinking a lot, playing tricks on people, having a lot of relationships; but he notes those and moves on.
His life is really his acting career, and yet he is not all about himself. He notes those he admired, those he worked with and gives praise to those he thinks deserve it (and that is a lot of them).
Even when he talks about those he had difficulty working with, he tries to find the reasons behind that.
I enjoyed this book a lot and learned a lot about his career and life and interesting insights to many others in the entertainment industry.
This book is on the shortlist for the 2009 Evergreen award.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed this Shonna - it was one of my favourite reads from last year. Surprising number of elevator accidents, I thought! But I loved the final scene on Mount Royal and Plummer's very deep and respectful love and admiration for his profession and the actors and directors he has worked with.