Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Florida mystery

Finished April 12
The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir
This intriguing thriller has the main character of Ray Quinn, an ex-Orlando police detective, badly injured in his last case, now working as a night watchman at an apartment building.
His partner, Trisha, was killed at the same time that he was injured and he carries that knowledge as a burden. When there is a violent death in the building he works in, he initially distances himself from it. But when the sister of one of the victims comes to him looking for help, unsatisfied with the outcome of the police investigation, he finds himself being drawn back into investigative work.
With the help of the sister, and his coworker Clevis, Ray finds the investigation a trickier one that he thought and it may be putting other lives at risk.
Ray is an interesting character, with alcohol problems and many demons haunting him, but he is essentially an honest man and that is what he draws on to follow this case.
The author is a Florida detective and brings that knowledge to his writing.

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