Saturday, 18 April 2009

Aboriginal Fiction

Finished April 16
Flight by Sherman Alexie, read by Adam Beach
This short novel comes alive in this reading by Adam Beach. He does the voice of the main character, Zits, a native teen, with all the nuances and emotion that you'd expect from the character.
Alexie is of course an extremely talented writer and this book is a wonderful example. Zits grew up never knowing his father, with his mother dying of breast cancer when he was only 6. Since then he has had a difficult, unhappy life, going from foster home to foster home. His name is a nickname he has taken on from his facial acne problem.
Zits has just engaged in a terrible act of violence when he finds himself transported through time and space into the body of an FBI agent in the 70s. He doesn't understand what has happened to him at first and struggles with his new identity. From here he gets transported again, this time into the body of a young Indian boy during the battle at Little Bighorn. He continues his travels first moving into the body of an Indian tracker, then into a private pilot in the present, then a homeless Indian man, before coming back into his own body. As he engages in the struggle that each new body dictates, he struggles to find meaning in his own life.
This is a wonderful book, great for teens as well as adults.

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