Tuesday 20 May 2008

Teen Read

Finished May 16
The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
Jenna Fox has moved from Boston to California with her mother and grandmother. Her father still commutes to Boston and only visits California occasionally. Jenna was in an accident and spent a great deal of time recovering, but there is something more going on, and she isn't sure what. Her grandmother, Lily, whom she has always been close to, doesn't seem to like her anymore. Her mother seems nervous and overly protective.
At first Jenna can't remember anything, but she is given home movies to watch to jog her memory and gradually, slowly she begins to remember. Some of the things she remembers seem odd, like she shouldn't have been old enough to remember them. Some raise more questions. What really happened in the accident and following it and why doesn't anyone want to give her the answers?
As Jenna begins to find out the truth of her recovery, she must face larger questions.
This is a great book, that raises all kinds of discussion questions. It would be a good book club choice.

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