Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Short and Sweet

Finished May 25
The Bachelor's Cat: a love story by L.F. Hoffman
I picked this up because it was mentioned in one of the lists I follow as being the favourite of another librarian, and because I like cats (having two of my own).
It is a nice read. An artist, the bachelor in question, is going through a bad stretch when he finds a very young kitten on his doorstep and no sign of an owner. He takes it in and looks after it and finds himself growing attached quickly.
He has a on-again-off-again relationship with a beautiful sexy young woman, with the relationship generally controlled by her wants and needs. During one of the off phases he meets another woman, who is not his usual type and begins a relationship with her. When the first girlfriend comes back for the next on-phase he is torn between the two women and the cat plays a role in the final decision that he makes.
Cute, a bit schmaltzy, but honest.

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