Saturday, 24 May 2008

More Suspense

Finished May 23
Delusion by Peter Abrahams
This novel of suspense takes place when events that happened twenty years ago are called into question. Back then, Nell and her boyfriend Johnny Blanton were surprised one evening by an attacker who killed Johnny. Nell was the only witness and a culprit was soon identified, convicted and sent to jail. Later, Nell married the policeman who handled the case, Clay Jarreau, and he adopted her child by Johnny, Norah.
Now a video has come to the surface that gives an alibi to the convicted man. Nell is stunned by the news and starts to question her memory and what happened when she picked out the man. Meanwhile, Norah is acting strange and having trouble in college and won't talk to Nell and Clay about her behaviour. Clay becomes hostile in the face of Nell's search of the past and a rift opens between them. A casual friend of Nell's, LeeAnn is a reporter who is bent on tracking down the truth, and Nell learns a lot from her.
As this case gathers together the suspense builds and danger looms. Nell is the only character with real depth, although the convicted man, Alvin Dupree, has some interesting thought processes. A good page-turner with lots of action.

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