Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Another in the same series

Finished May 20
Voice of the Violin by Andrea Camilleri
I had the next one in the series handy and I was already there in my head, so decided to continue with the fourth book. This continues the personal storyline between Salvo and his girlfriend Livia that developed in the previous book, and allows both characters to develop. On the mystery front, one of Salvo's men hits a parked car on the way out of town and both men are surprised to see the car undisturbed on their trip back. Salvo does a little private investigating and has someone call in the crime he discovered. As he pieces the story of the beautiful victim together, he must delve into her personal life, involving husband, friend, and lover. Reporting to a new commissioner who doesn't like him, Salvo has the investigation taken out of his hands, but can't keep from discovering more things about the case. This book has lots of action, and some more good food too.

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