Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A Los Angeles Thriller

Finished August 28
City on Fire by Robert Ellis
This book is fast-moving with lots of action, lots of violence and lots of suspense. The main character, Lena Gamble, is a young detective still hurting from the unsolved murder of her brother not that long ago. In her first case as the lead detective, she and her partner Novak are paired with another team. The victim is brutally murdered, and yet doesn't seem to have fought her killer. When her husband's alibi doesn't pan out, her is the obvious suspect. But things aren't always that simple. Evidence links this crime with a previous killing of a beautiful young woman whose husband has admitted to the killing. Who is the man whose is killing these woman, and has he killed before?
Contributing to the suspense is the number of fires, fueled by the Santa Ana winds, that are moving in on the city.
Lena is a strong character and the motives for her actions ring true.

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