Thursday 16 August 2007

Great book by Australian writer

Finished August 16
The Unknown Terrorist by Richard Flanagan
This is a great book that touches on the fear-mongering and media influence of the world today. The main character, Gina Davies, aka The Doll, aka Krystal, is a pole dancer in one of the popular nightclub's in King's Cross, Sydney. She is a loner, and aims to buy a decent home when she has enough money saved. But fate intervenes and she is caught up in something that she cannot control. The story given by the authorities about Gina she knows is not true, but as it grows and morphs, she finds she cannot find anyone who will speak for her. The authorities encourage the fear created by the story, and the media enjoy their power and contacts. In just two days, Gina has gone from being a struggling young woman, with few friends and a hard life to being the most wanted terrorist in Australia. And yet the book reads true. Flanagan shows how it happens, step by step, and the sadness of it is compelling.
This book is definitely worth the read, and will make you look at the media in perhaps a different way (unless you are already extremely cynical!).

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