Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Finished one light fiction and one reference

Finished August 6
Balmoral by Isabel Vane
This is a light, amusing story that is a bit tongue in cheek. First, the author is a pseudonym for two British novelists. They chose the name on purpose. Isabel Vane was a heroine in the best-selling Victorian novel East Lynne. In that novel, she left home in disgrace but returned years later to care for her children as a governess.
In Balmoral, the character Sister Julie arrives at Balmoral as a nurse to Prince Harry after he was almost killed in a bunjy-jumping accident. She seems to know her way around Balmoral very well, and is very close to Harry, and to Prince William when he arrives. Some of the staff are suspicious of her, but can't put their finger on just why at first. Why does she seem to have such a close relationship with Harry? Why do the Queen's corgis seem to love her at first sight?What does John, the head footman, know?
I found this book delightful, funny and well-written.

The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction by Barry Forshaw
This small book is a guide for readers of crime fiction, giving historic origins, early examples of different types, and summaries of modern examples. I found it interesting in that it gave examples of titles, rather than authors, recognizing that authors may write more than one type of crime fiction. I got a full-page of books I want to read from it, and saw many I've already enjoyed. Of course, it is not all-inclusive and there were some favourites that I would have liked to see here that were missed, but it will definitely give most readers a place to start, or new authors to consider.

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