Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Good Listen

Finished August 29
Good Harbor by Anita Diamant, read by Linda Emond
This is the story of two women who become friends. Kathleen Levine has lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts all her life. She converted from Catholocism to Judaism before her marriage, and raised her family here. She is a librarian at the local school, and has an affinity for pairing children with the right book to get them to read. Joyce Tabachnik is a freelance writer, who uses the money from her first novel, under a nom de plume, to buy a small house in Gloucester as a place to write and a vacation home for herself, her husband and their 12-year-old daughter Nina. The two women meet at temple one Friday and link immediately, sharing their thoughts, problems, and secrets. Kathleen has early breast cancer and is worried about it, as well as other issues from her family. Joyce is feeling distanced from her husband and daughter as Frank seems to be more interested in work than her, and Nina is at the age where mothers are embarrassing. As the two women create a friendship, they also help each other find their way in their lives. A very enjoyable listen.

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