Sunday 14 January 2024

The Swallowed Man

Finished January 10
The Swallowed Man by Edward Carey

Inspired by Pinocchio, this short novel is narrated by Geppetto, through entries in a journal he keeps after being swallowed by a whale. He talks about his life, from his childhood where he never lived up to his father's expectations, to his life as a modest carpenter and woodcarver, through his creation of the marionette that came to life, and to his search for the creature he thought of as a son after Pinocchio ran away. 
He also talks about his life inside this large creature, from the shipwreck swallowed whole that he finds a home in, to the new creations he makes while in there, and the things he observes around him (having found several crates of candles on board the ship). 
The book is illustrated with Geppetto's drawings and images of his creations, many of which were created by the author and photographed for the book. 
A fantastical work of a life tinged with regret. 

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