Monday 8 January 2024

Recap of 2023 Reading Year

 I'm a little late on putting this together. I met my overall reading goals for the year, but only completed one of the challenges I engaged with, the 16th Canadian Reading Challenge. For my challenge activity see my 2023 Reading Challenge page. 

Of the books I read, 158 were for adult readers, 8 for teen readers, and 9 for children.
My reading had a flow to it, with an upsurge at the end of my teaching term, and another in late summer / early August as I was first away from work, and then reading as an escape. 

I read much less nonfiction than most years.

My Genre reading was what I expected, with my two most read genres being mystery and romance

Books in Translation

For translated works, I read 9 this year, 3 from German, 3 from French, 2 from Italian, and 1 from Swedish. 


85 of the books were ones I owned, with 63 of them leaving to go to other readers. 87 were borrowed from my local public libraries (I use 2 regularly), 4 were borrowed from friends or family, and 9 were e-galleys that I had temporary access to. 


Of the setting of the books, one was set in a fantasy world, 20 in Canada, 80 in the United States, 1 in Africa, 3 in Asia, 2 in Latin America, and 66 in Europe. Some, of course, weren't the kind of book that had a setting. 

Publication Date

These ranged from 1929 through 2024, with a few in the 1960s, and most in the last 10 years. 


28 of the authors identified as male, and 141 as female, with 2 books with multiple authors that included both. 


Most of my reads were physical books, with 28 ebooks, and 7 of those from Netgalley. 


71 of the books were part of a series


This is an interesting statistic that Storygraph provided. 

as is this one, 



  1. Nope, you're not late. I haven't even started mine. I think we can do that anytime at the beginning of the year.
    You've done well. Just one question? How did you get all those graphs? Is there an app or something like that where you can sign up?