Monday 1 January 2024

His Christmas Wish

Finished December 22
His Christmas Wish by Melissa McClone

This short romance novel is set in the mountain town of Hood Hamlet near Mount Hood in Oregon. Carly Bishop has come home for the first time in six years. Six years ago, she was about to get married, when her fiance and her brother were found dead in a climbing accident. Both were very experienced climbers, and no one is sure what went wrong up there. 
Christmas was Carly's favourite holiday, and that had led her to plan a Christmas wedding. Now, she lives on the other side of the country and avoids Christmas as much as she can. This year though, her brother's widow, who has remarried, has asked for her help during the season as she is pregnant with the baby due soon, and she would like Carly's help at that time with Nick's children.
Jake Porter, whose family runs a brewpub in town, was Nick's best friend, and has done everything he can to help Nick's widow, including being very involved with the kids. Jake even introduced her to her new husband. 
Both Carly and Jake had feelings for each other, but the age difference when they were young kept them from moving forward with acting on their feelings. 
As they are increasingly thrown together, and then choose to spend time together, they find they have much in common and also that the feelings are still there. 
This is a seasonal tale of second chances, grief recovery, and family. A comforting read. 
His Christmas Wish is also the first novel in a series set around the Mountain Rescue team that Jake is a part of. 

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