Saturday 1 January 2022

Wrap-Up of 52 Book Club 2021 Reading Challenge


I did pretty good on this, but didn't complete all the categories. I also completed the March and July mini-challenges. 

1.       Set in a school
    Tell Me Everything by Cambria Brockman. Finished February 17
2.       Featuring the legal profession
    Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory. Finished May 14
3.       A dual timeline
    The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams. Finished February 12
4.       An author that is deceased
    Malice Aforethought by Francis Iles. Finished March 16
5.       Published by Penguin
     Armadillo by William Body. Finished January 7
6.       A character with the same name as a male family member
    The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf. Finished April 2 (Ben)
7.       An author with only 1 published book
    The Push by Ashley Audrain. Finished January 22
8.       A book set in the 900’s of the Dewey Decimal System
    Uncharted by Kim Brown Seely, Finished February 10
9.       Set in a Mediterranean country
   Hearts of Stone by Simon Scarrow. Finished January 3
10.   Related to the word “fire”
    This Is The Night Our House Will Catch Fire by Nick Flynn. Finished September 3
11.   Book with discussion questions inside
    The Last Stargazers by Emily Levesque. Finished May 18
12.   Title starting with the letter D
    The Deadly Hours by Susanna Kearsley, C.S. Harris, Anna Lee Huber, and Christine Trent. Finished February 21
13.   Includes an exotic animal
    The Speed of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer. Finished July 6
14.   Written by an author over 65 (when published)
    Snow by John Banville. Finished February 4
15.   A book mentioned in another book
16.   Set before the 17th Century
    Swallow's Dance by Wendy Orr. Finished February 24
17.   A character “on the run”   
    Victory Colony, 1950 by Bhaswati Ghosh, finished January 3 (Refugee character)
18.   Author with a 9-letter last name
    What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan. Finished January 5
19.   Book with a deckled edge
20.   Made into a TV series
21.   Book by Kristin Hannah
    Comfort and Joy by Kristin Hannah. Finished July 9
22.   A family saga
    Nowhere Is a Place by Bernice McFadden. Finished February 2
23.   An ending that surprises you
    The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. Finished March 18
24.   A book you think they should read in schools
    Dig by A.S. King. Finished February 25
25.   A book with multiple character POV
    The Lost Love Song by Minnie Darke. Finished February 13
26.   An author of color
    Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson. Finished March 27
27.   First chapter ends on an odd page number
    Her Aussie Holiday by Stefanie London. Finished January 13
28.   Includes a historical event you know little about
    The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain. Finished January 20 (Pleiku in Vietnam War)
29.   Featuring the environment
    Outside, You Notice by Erin Alladin, illustrated by Andrea Blinick. Finished September 3
30.   Watch out for dragons!
31.   Shares a similar title to another book
    The Survivor by Gregg Hurwitz. Finished April 20
32.   A selfish character
    Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Finished January 28
33.   Featuring adoption
    Twenty-One Wishes by Debbie Macomber. Finished February 9
34.   A book you’d rate 5 stars
    Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield. Finished February 5
35.   Set in a country that starts with the letter “S”
    The Good Doctor by Damon Galgut. Finished March 17 (South Africa)
36.   A nameless narrator
    The Dutch Wife by Eric McCormack. Finished June 13
37.   An educational read
    Double-Running or Back-Stitch by Louisa F. Pesel. Finished May 6
38.   Recommended on BookBub
39.   An alternate history novel
    The Last Days of New Paris by China Mieville. Finished November 2
40.   Found vie #bookstagram
41.   An endorsement by a famous author on the cover
    Starvation Lake by Bryan Gruley. Finished January 16 (endorsement by Harlan Coben)
42.   An epistolary
43.   A character with a pet cat
    Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane. Finished February 16
44.   Includes a garden
    The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman. Finished March 8
45.   A coming of age novel
    Float Plan by Trish Doller. Finished February 27
46.   Winner of the National Book Award – any year
    Tokyo Ueno Station by Yu Miri (won 2020). Finished October 23
47.   A character with a disability
    Midnight Cab by James W. Nichol. Finished February 18
48.   A cover with a woman who is facing away
    Chances Are by Kellie Coates Gilbert. Finished March 25
49.   A flavour in the title
    Bitter Orange by Claire Fuller. Finished June 9
50.   A shoe on the cover
    Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson. Finished April 29
51.   Published in 2021
    Little Snow Landscape by Robert Walser. Finished May 26
52.   Re-do of one of the previous 51 categories from this 2021 challenge
    Redo of 48 "A cover with a woman who is facing away": The Woman in Red by Diana Giovinazzo. Finished April 22

March Mini-Challenges:
* one book set in Ireland
Finbar's Hotel by Dermot Bolger, Roddy Doyle, Anne Enright, Hugo Hamilton, Jennifer Johnston, Joseph O'Connor, and Colm Toibin. Finished March 31
* one book related to the word "lucky"
Just Their Luck by L.A. Donahoe. Finished March 29

* one book published in spring (any year)
* one book with an author or character with a floral name
    Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory. Finished May 14
* one book with sunshine on the cover
    French Dirt by Richard Goodman. Finished May 30

July Mini-Challenges Theme: Throwback
2018 challenge: A book chosen solely by its cover
    The Poetry of Strangers by Brian Sonia-Wallace. Finished July 23
2019 challenge: An author who uses initials
    The Dilemma by B.A. Paris. Finished July 10
2020 challenge: Set in a country you’ve never visited before
    Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher. Finished July 27

* Inspired by Sherlock Holmes
* A Plot Driven Story
    Parallel Lines by Steven Savile. Finished October 29
* Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates... Oh My!
    Tokyo Ueno Station by Yu Miri. Finished October 23 (Ghost)

November Mini-Challenges
    Talking to Girls about Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield. Finished November 17
    Easy Crafts for the Insane by Kelly Williams Brown. Finished November 12

This month’s challenge is all about THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! This is a popular holiday song that is stuffed with inspiration for your December reads.

  1. Choose your difficulty
    This month the number of reads are up to you! You may pick anywhere from 3-12 books to complete this challenge.
    As I am very busy this month, I will stay with 3
  1. Each book must be somehow inspired by or connected to the song The 12 Days of Christmas.
    Get creative! The song could relate to the book title, theme, setting, characters, or even the author! Holiday or not, murder mystery or romance or non-fiction, 12 short Christmas stories, a themed series… The possibilities with this one are nearly endless!

** Note: While this is a “12 Days of Christmas” mini-challenge, the books you pick don’t have to be holiday themed. We recognize that not everyone participates in this holiday. The verses to this song are open to wide interpretation and you should be able to complete this challenge using non-seasonal reads too.

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