Sunday 30 January 2022

The Family Man

Finished January 26
The Family Man by Elinor Lipman

This novel is centered around Henry Archer, a lawyer recently retired, who reaches our to his ex-wife when he sees that her husband has died. He didn't expect her to latch onto him so avidly, and he didn't expect this to awaken suppressed feelings about losing access to the daughter he adopted when they married. As Henry finds his world changing, he must relinquish some of the control he is used to having, and open his mind to new experiences. 
This feel-good novel takes place in New York City with characters who find themselves in unexpected situations and often without the control they are used to having. Taking chances opens their horizons while also changing their paths in unexpected ways.
I liked Henry, and his new love, and found his stepdaughter Thalia an interesting character. The male characters who interact with Thalia are less defined but have some interesting behaviours as well. I would have liked to meet Celeste, Henry friend who died recently, too. 
You also get a sense of New York City, as in many of Lipman's novels. From the shopping to the club scene, the city comes to life here. 

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