Sunday 23 January 2022

Rabbit Ears

Finished January 12
Rabbit Ears: TV Poems edited by Joel Allegretti

This is a book that has been on my shelf for a while, long before I stopped really watching television. But I did watch my share of television previously and recognize the allusions to shows, commercials and other television-related subjects. 
The editor conceived the idea of this anthology after writing a couple of television themed poems himself, and gathered, sifted, and chose the poems included here.
It is organized roughly by subject into "channels" with commercial breaks between them. A fun way to structure the anthology. 
The poems are about TV shows from the Munsters to Dick van Dyke, cartoons to reality television, from Bette Davis to the Mod Squad, Lawrence Welk to the X-Files. There is something here for everyone. 
The styles of poetry vary widely as well, and the tones vary from serious to slyly humorous. 
A fun and unique collection. 

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