Wednesday 7 July 2021

The Full Scoop

Finished July 2
The Full Scoop by Jill Orr

This book is the fourth book of a series set in the small town of Tuttle Corner, Virginia and featuring Riley Ellison, small town journalist. Riley is single, recently split amicably from her boyfriend Jay when he took a job in D.C.
Her coworker and friend Hal Flick died a month ago when his car was forced off the road. The case is still unsolved. Hal was working on the case of Riley's grandfather's death a few years ago, which Riley also suspected was a murder, but that was set up to look like suicide. Riley has taken some time off work and then some part-time weeks to deal with Hal's estate and her own grief, but she is now headed back to work at the Tuttle Times full time. Another coworker, Holman is also a good friend and the two often hang out together and he helps her as she continues to look into Hal's and her grandfather's deaths.
Other friends include her high school boyfriend Ryan and his Swedish girlfriend Ridley, who have recently opened Mysa, a cafe in a former Tavern. She is also spending time with Lindsey Davis the new county prosecutor. Riley has also started to date Ash, a recent addition to the town who runs the local funeral home. Riley gets out and about in town often walking her dog Coltrane. 
Riley's mom Jeannie has set her up with a subscription to an astrology site that sends her daily updates. Jeannie is also the local Uber driver.
With the former sheriff, now in jail, saying he knows more about the two deaths and indicating he's willing to make a deal with the information, a file of documents Hal left for her, and her own ability to sniff out a story, Riley has a lot of leads to follow. 
Part of the plot in this novel figures around a New Year's Eve party at Ash's cousin Toad's house with a Gatsby theme. 
I liked Riley, and her strong sense of self. She's still unsettled in terms of her love life, but she has a job she enjoys, a circle of good friends, and a home she loves. She stands up for herself and those she cares about. This was a good read. 

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