Thursday 1 July 2021

Bargello Needlepoint books not worth purchasing

Finished June 26
Bargello Needlepoint: A Pattern Directory for Dramatic Creations by Justine Pfefferie
Bargello Needlepoint Guide for Beginners: Basic Bargello Needlepoint Instructions by Rebecca Weber
Bargello Needlepoint: Detail Instructions to Bargello for Beginners by Sarah Jarrad
Bargello Needlepoint for Mom: Learn to Basic Bargello Needlepoint - Guide for Beginners by Montavious Bulger

I'm reviewing these four books in one review as despite having different covers, titles, and authors, they are essentially the same book, and none of them is really worth the purchase. I was looking for more books on bargello or florentine stitch and these were under $10, and looking like they might have something unique. 
They are all poorly written with many spelling and grammar mistakes and some have pages repeated within them, or sections repeated under different headings. Cryptic notations seem to indicate they have taken content from webpages. Some include small black and white pictures of patterns and finished stitching, but not all are bargello stitches. 
The one with the orange design on the cover, the one with the heart design on the cover, and the one "for mom" are word for word, page by page exact copies of each other. 
The Pattern Directory one includes a little more history and some patterns, but nothing that you can't find in any real bargello or florentine book. If you are going to buy one of these, I'd recommend that one for the extra content. 

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