Monday 19 July 2021

All The Devils Are Here

Finished July 17
All The Devils Are Here by Louise Penny

The Gamaches are visiting Paris in anticipation of the birth of Annie and Jean Guy's second child. Armand's godfather Stephen Horowitz has also come to the city. As all the adult members of the family get together for a meal at one of their favourite restaurants, Juveniles, Stephen arrives late, which is unusual for him. After an enjoyable meal, as they are going their separate ways, Armand and Reine-Marie witness Stephen being deliberately run down. 
After getting him to the hospital, Armand starts digging into what Stephen has been doing, looking for clues as to why someone targeted him now. Stephen is mostly retired these days, but he has definitely made enemies in the past, so is one of them finally taking drastic action or is this something related to the present? 
We see here into Armand's relationship with his son Daniel, a side of his personal life that we haven't really seen much of before and this is an interesting development. We also see the dynamics between Annie and Daniel and a bit of Daniel's wife. I always enjoy seeing more of this personal side. 
But of course the main story is the one behind the attack on Stephen, and when a visit to his apartment results in the discovery of another body and an obvious search, things get even more serious.
Armand calls on an old friend, high up in the police force in Paris, but after an anomaly or two begins to wonder who he can really trust and how well he knows people, even those of long acquaintance. It was interesting to have Reine-Marie take a role in the investigation as well, using her research skills and library contacts. 
The city of Paris itself plays a role here, with major sites from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre appearing. It was interesting to see the characters in this new setting. 
Every book in this series brings a fascinating story, with a unique plot and crime and new developments for the main characters. I always enjoy them. 

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