Sunday 1 November 2020

Summer Constellations

Finished October 26 
Summer Constellations by Alisha Sevigny

This teen novel takes place at a family-run lakeside campground. Julia's grandfather started the campground, and now her mother runs it. Her grandfather and his main handyman Red ensured Julia was training in all the skills necessary to look after such a place, so whether it is boating, canoeing, cleaning, mending carpentry, she can jump in where it is needed. The family has had it tough lately, dealing with her father leaving a few years ago, and more recently her younger brother, Caleb's illness. 
Julia has been looking forward to this summer as regular camper Dan and his family return. Last summer, she and Dan began a romance and she's looking forward to picking up where they left off. But Dan has unexpectedly shown up with a new girlfriend, and with the additional news that her mom is looking at selling the campground, Julia is dealing with loss on more than one level.
When she goes to the dock to look at the night sky, something that has always comforted her and helped her focus, she finds a handsome young man who offers a sympathetic ear for her troubles. But while he may be cute and empathetic, he also turns out to be the son of the man who is looking to facilitate the sale of the campground. 
As Julia tries to find a way to stay at the only home she has ever known, and to draw her brother out of the self-imposed shell he has retreated into, she also finds that she wants to let hope in.
A great summer romance novel, with additional plot lines that add to the suspense.

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