Wednesday 11 November 2020

Raven, Rabbit, Deer

Finished November 4
Raven, Rabbit Deer by Sue Farrell Holler, illustrated by Jennifer Faria

This picture book is a beauty. The author grew up in Cape Breton, has lived in the NWT, and now lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The illustrators lives in Ontario and drew inspiration for the grandfather in the story from her own much loved maternal great-uncle. This process of creating this book has helped her learn more about her cultural heritage as a member of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation.
I loved how the end papers showed the three animals of the title, showed the tracks they make, and gave their names in Ojibwemowin with a pronunciation guide. 
The young boy in the story indicates that he wants to go for an outdoor adventure by bringing his boots to his grandfather, and the two go for a walk in the wintery world outside, where they spot the animals, see what kinds of tracks the different animals make and really observe the world around them by engaging with it. They also make their own tracks in the snow, and walk a special way to climb a small hill. I really liked the way they looked at the tracks and connected them to things children might be familiar with such as car tires, food, and twigs. 
Once back home, the two work together to set up their snack of milk and cookies, and then cuddle by the fire. A perfect ending to such an active adventure!
The drawings were great, with expressive faces and simple and colourful images of the world. A great book for the coming season.

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