Monday 30 November 2020

Snow Days

Finished November 28 
Snow Days by Deborah Kerbel and Miki Sato

This delightful picture book looks at all the different kinds of snow and the things that one can do with it, in it and because of it. From the first snow of the season that brings its own special delight to a child to the last sad melting snow that brings a close to the days of snowmen, from the sticky snow to make shapes and figures to the powdery snow that floats and moves effortlessly, this book covers it all. We see the snow angels and the snowmen, the skating and the shoveling, the horrid sleet and the way it makes you narrow your eyes as you walk. 
Sato's illustrations, using paper and fabric in collage, add a lovely dimension to the book. 
The book closes with five fun activities you can undertake with your child to further explore the world and wonder of snow. 

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