Thursday 16 March 2017

Only Daughter

Finished March 11
Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra

This suspense novel is set mostly in Canberra, Australia. A young woman is caught shoplifting and doesn't want to return home to face what she is running from. Instead, she remembers a news story that she saw a few years ago, and claims to be a different missing girl.
The story alternates between her life as she tries to fit into this family impersonating their daughter who has been missing for ten years, and the real girl ten years earlier as she reacts to weird things happening in her house.
Bec, in the past, feels like she is being watched, even in her own bedroom at night. She is scared of something in the garage, but she can't name it. She is a young teen with a crush on one of her coworkers, who can't wait to finish school and leave. She, too, shoplifts, but with a purpose that doesn't immediately become clear. She tries to confide in her best friend, but feels that she sounds like she is going mad.
The imposter, now pretending to be Bec, also feels wary. She is watching her step, trying to read cues from others to not give herself away. But she keeps getting the feeling that she is being watched, being followed. She tries to learn more about the missing Bec, but finds it difficult. And by digging deeper, she may be putting herself in danger, just like Bec.
This book is eerie and the truth of the story as we learn it is even freakier. A real edge of the seat read.

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