Friday 31 March 2017


Finished March 20
Displacement: A Travelogue by Lucy Knisley

This graphic memoir was recommended by one of my coworkers, and I quite enjoyed it. The narrator, Lucy, tells of a trip she took as escort and caregiver for her grandparents on a Caribbean cruise. Her grandparents, in their 90s and living in a senior-living complex has signed up for the tour, causing some frantic discussion among family members. Her grandmother was exhibiting signs of dementia and her grandfather has some mobility issues and incontinence issues. Lucy, age 27, volunteers to go with her grandparents if her father and his siblings pay for her way.
She sets out the story day by day, telling of her thoughts and worries each day, as well as the activities they all go through and the things she has to manage for her grandparents. There are good things that happen, and bad things that happen. She has to manage their medications, their laundry, and anticipate their needs.
Her grandfather's eyesight means that he, a previously voracious reader, has stopped reading, and her grandmother can't concentrate to read, so she is kept busy trying to find things to do together. Her grandmother gets restless quickly, but her grandfather can't walk very fast due to asthma, so it is a challenge.
Interspersed with this travel story are excerpts from a memoir her grandfather wrote about his time in World War II. She tries to connect with them around memories of earlier times, but even her grandfather's memories aren't great, and this makes it harder.
The drawings are great, and the story an interesting one about families, aging, and patience.

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