Saturday 11 March 2017

Boar Island

Finished March 1
Boar Island by Nevada Barr, read by Barbara Rosenblat

This is the latest in the Anna Pigeon mystery series, and is set in and around Acadia National Park in Maine. As the book begins, Anna's goddaughter Elizabeth, adopted daughter of her friend Heath Jarrod, is having a crisis. She is being attacked both directly and indirectly through social media, emails, and texts, in a very disturbing way.
As Elizabeth begins to disclose what has been happening in her life, Heath and Anna try to find out who is behind the attacks, but their efforts don't go far, and the local police don't seem to treat it as seriously as they think it warrants.
Anna has just been asked to take over the chief ranger role at Acadia on a temporary basis, and the women decide that Heath, Elizabeth, and Heath's aunt Gwen will also go to Maine, and stay with a friend of Heath's aunt who has a home in a partially restored lighthouse on an island.
Unfortunately, they discover fairly quickly that Elizabeth's stalker knows where they are and may have followed them to Maine.
This novel also has another story embedded in it, one of a ranger who feels wronged and resentful of the difficulties life has brought her and looks to not only find a new, better future, but also wants to take revenge on others as she moves on. Anna gets in the middle of this action without even realizing it, and finds herself in a very dangerous situation.
This is a story of families, of those who choose to direct the lives of others by taking matters into their own hands, and of those hiding from reality.

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