Sunday 5 February 2017

Tapestry of Fortunes

Finished February 5
Tapestry of Fortunes by Elizabeth Berg

This feel good novel begins as Cecelia Ross, a motivational speaker reflects on the recent loss of her best friend to cancer. It is a reflection that has her looking at her life and realizing that she isn't in a place she wants to be. After Penny's death, Penny's husband moved away from Minneapolis, and when Cece receives a missive from an old boyfriend, she realizes that she is lonely and needs to make a change. She promised Penny that she would volunteer at a local hospice, and along with that new commitment, Cece takes a break from her speaking and writing and puts her home on the market.
Fate directs her to share a house with three other women and these new relationships and the opportunities that come with her new home lead her forward to a life she's missed by always being afraid to take risks.
This is a story of love and the risks one takes when having any kind of relationship, the need to give up some control and see what life brings you. There is romance, and food, and friendship. And there is optimism for the future.

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