Sunday 5 February 2017

Knitting Yarns

Finished February 2
Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting edited by Ann Hood

This anthology of essays shows a range of experiences with knitting from twenty-seven different writers including both men and women. Most of them knit, but others just enjoy the finished product or the soothing accompaniment of being near a knitter during the process.
There are also six knitting patterns included in the book, all by Helen Bingham: fingerless mittens, a cabled head wrap, coffee cozies, slipper socks, a dog sweater, and a lacy wrap.
I have only ventured into knitting twice as of yet: once for a scarf that my mother finished for me, and once for a too ambitious sweater that still lies unfinished in a box. I did purchase yarn and a pattern for a scarf a couple years ago, but haven't yet tackled it.
I enjoyed the stories here, partly for the knitting, and partly for the window they opened into these writers' lives.
A fun book.

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