Saturday, 25 February 2017

Gilt Hollow

Finished February 22
Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon

This teen novel begins with teenager Ashton Keller being released from juvenile detention. His best friend Willow Lamott had written him every day, but never got a reply. When she finds that he has returned to their small town she is surprised at the anger he seems to hold for her, and alarmed at the events that start to unfold.
Willow has always been sure that Ashton was innocent of the crime he was convicted of, but she seems to stand alone there. She knew he'd withdrawn from their family after the death of her father, but she still feels she knows his character well enough to know what he is capable of. But when some of the nasty incidents happening around town are blamed on him, she feels unsure of how well she really knows him.
Ashton has been ostracized by his own parents and feels alone. But he grows more determined to prove his innocence as someone in town seems equally determined to drive him away.
This is a novel about peer pressure, about unsavory motivations, and about true friendships.

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