Monday, 5 October 2015

Why We Work

Finished October 3
Why We Work by Barry Schwartz

This book came out of a TED talk by Schwartz in early 2014. Schwartz's research into the reasons behind why people work belie the accepted answers and show that the real reasons are complex, and unexpected. Research shows that most people are dissatisfied with their work, even those that are paid well for it. It also finds that some people who are not paid well find great satisfaction in jobs that would not seem to lend themselves to such fulfillment. Looking at jobs in many industries and at many levels, Schwartz identifies trends and patterns, and shows that neither the carrot not the stick is the answer to motivating people at work. What is?
The answer is in giving people control. Without that, even good jobs can become bad jobs. This book isn't long, but it will cause you to examine your work, and the way that your workplace is structured.
Insightful and interesting, this book will have you thinking about work in new ways.

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