Sunday 11 October 2015

Clockwork Angel

Finished October 11
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

This is the first volume in the Infernal Devices series, a prequel to the Mortal Instruments series. It is set in the late 1870s in London, England. Tessa Gray arrives in Hampstead looking to join her brother Nathaniel after the death of her aunt who raised the two after their parents died when Tessa was only a toddler. She is met by two elderly ladies who have a letter from her brother entrusting her to their care, but soon finds herself a captive, forced to do things she had no idea she was capable of.
When she finds that she is soon due to meet an even deadlier captor, she finds the courage to fight back, and just in time as others also working against the same dark forces discover her and want to both help her and use her powers for a different aim.
This is a story of good versus evil, of those who seem to be no threat to others deeper in evil than they appear, and those who appear the epitome of evil not as dangerous as they would have others think.
Tessa is an American girl who finds herself in a city she doesn't know, unsure of who to trust and finding herself able to do things she never dreamed were possible. As she tries to unite with her missing brother, she also wants to defeat those who tried to use her abilities for their own ends. Tessa is just emerging into adulthood and not immune to the young males she now comes into contact with. There is lots going on here, and plenty to keep you turning the pages.

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