Monday 26 October 2015

Batgirl Volume 1: The Darkest Reflection

Finished October 24
Batgirl Volume 1: The Darkest Reflection written by Gail Simone, pencilled by Ardian Syaf, inked by Vincente Cifuentes

This graphic novel starts as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, moves out of her father's house into a shared apartment. She saves a couple from a random house invasion, but soon finds there is a new enemy out there who draws on his own grief to inflict the fate of death on others.
As she grapples with this enemy, she encounters another who also draws on her own painful past as she launches her own crimes. There are appearances by both Nightwing (formerly Robin) and Batman. Barbara is still recovering from the injury that lost her the use of her legs, and she has fought to regain her independence and strength. When someone from her own past reappears, she doesn't know how to deal with it, and this volume doesn't resolve that conflict.
Delving into both the inner woman, and the larger, more dangerous world around her, this volume gives Batgirl a voice, showing her discovering herself as she tackles the world.

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