Monday 20 July 2015

Where They Found Her

Finished July 20
Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight, performed by Tavia Gilbert, Lauren Fortgang, Rachel F. Hirsch, and Therese Plummer

The well-to-do town of Ridgedale, New Jersey doesn't see a lot of crime, but one night the body of a baby is found in the woods near the university. Molly Sanderson has been writing for the local paper, but mostly arts and culture and human interest stories. That night she is the only reporter available, and she takes the job with only a small reservation when she is told by her editor that there may have been a body. The fact of it being a baby's body is a shock, and with Molly still not completely recovered emotionally from having her second child born stillborn, it isn't an easy story at all. For her, something about the story seems to connect with her own feelings and she fights to stay on it. Her best friend Stella is supportive, but has her own issues. Her husband, Justin, is also supportive but seems to fear her relapse into depression.
Sandy has had a tough life, raised by her mother Jenna who isn't the best role model. She is trying really hard to study and get her GED, encouraged by a local teacher and mentored by a senior at the local high school, but money is tight, and Sandy has a hard time separating the difficulties in her life from her goals. When her mother goes missing, she doesn't think she can manage without her.
Barbara has always got what she wanted, she is proud of her two children and works hard to control their lives and ensure they take advantage of every opportunity. She even has a tight control on her husband despite him being the local chief of police. But when things start to go wrong, even she can't control everything.
This story is told by Molly, Sandy, and Barbara, with flashbacks from Jenna's high school diary. With the current events having trails leading way back into the past of Ridgedale, this story is about secrets, lies, and the failure of trust. Molly is stronger than she realizes, and finds that this story will change her life in ways she never imagined.
Great story, with lots of surprises.


  1. Sounds like a book that would be hard to put down. But it also sounds sad and a little hard to read.

  2. It has sad moments for sure, but there are more moments of hope