Monday 20 July 2015

Cemetery Road

Finished July 19
Cemetery Road by Gar Anthony Haywood

Twenty-six years ago, Handy and his two friends stepped beyond their usual small-time robbery to go after a man that Handy had a personal grudge against. But they weren't the only ones going after him, and their actions led to death despite their non-violent plans. The three men separated, and Handy hasn't seen either man since.
When R.J. Burrow, one of Handy's friends, dies a violent death, he can't help but wonder if it connects back to that crime. He goes back to L.A. from his home in St. Paul for the funeral, and finds that he must find out what is behind R. J.'s death. Is the third man, O'Neal Holden, really the good guy he makes himself out to be? Why did R. J. go visit a man in jail that none of them should want to meet?
Back home in Minnesota, Handy's daughter is digging deeper for questions about her past, and Handy may not be able to hide the truth any more.
The past doesn't stay buried, and Handy is just beginning to understand that running from it is never really a solution.
This mystery has characters with complex back stories, and a plot that isn't straightforward. A good read.

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