Monday 6 July 2015

The Whisper of Legends

Finished July 3
The Whisper of Legends by Barbara Fradkin

This novel is part of the Inspector Green series, but here Green ventures away from Ottawa when his daughter Hannah goes missing while on a trip on the Nahanni River.
Hannah has been living with her mother in Vancouver, and her new boyfriend Scott has come up with the idea to do a canoe trip on the Nahanni. Hannah has done some wilderness camping, but nothing like this. She has told her father they are going with a reputable company, but he soon finds that this is not the case. Scott has organized this trip on his own, and not filed a plan for his group with the park.
We see the very beginning of Hannah and her group and see that there are already some things going wrong, Then the story switches to Michael Green and his desperate search for Hannah. Green is also out of his depth here, much more comfortable in an urban environment, but he soons finds local allies who know what they're doing, and his staff sergeant Brian Sullivan has come along. Sullivan supports him, helps with logistics and planning, and checks Green when he gets out of control.
Meanwhile, back home in Ottawa, Green's wife is getting close to her due date for the pregnancy of a girl, and Green is torn about being away from her.
This is an interesting mystery, with a plot that reaches back in time, and a variety of interesting characters, including a local young RCMP officer.

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