Monday 4 May 2015

Uncommon Grounds

Finished May 4
Uncommon Grounds by Sandra Balzo

This mystery novel starts with a body. Maggy Thorsen arrives later than planned to her new coffee shop on the day of the planned grand opening. On the floor is the body of one of her partners, Patricia Harper. The third partner in the shop, Caron Egan, Maggy's longtime friend, seems to stunned to respond. Maggy is recently separated, after her dentist husband decided his young hygienist was what he wanted instead. Her son is in college, and Maggy has put her financial stake into the shop and really needs it to succeed.
Pavlik, the new sheriff is on the case, although Gary Donovan, the local police chief, doesn't seem happy about that. Maggy grows increasingly worried that the real killer of Patricia isn't going to be found and she decides to mount her own investigation. Joining forces with Sarah, Patricia's close friend, Maggy starts looking at the evidence more closely, and finding a lot more going on in her community that she ever thought was happening.
Small town Wisconsin means that everyone knows everyone else's business, but it also means that people make certain assumptions, and that can be dangerous.
I liked the character of Maggy, and her small house and big dog. She is a bit technologically challenged, but she has a good heart, and the right instincts.

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