Saturday 30 May 2015

The Road Taken

Finished May 30
The Road Taken: An Autobiography by Michael Buerk

Michael Buerk's father was Canadian, and he lived in Canada for a few years when he was very young, but left at a very young age when his mother took him back to her home in Britain after the breakdown of the marriage. Michael went on to have a successful career with the BBC, as a reporter, foreign correspondent, newscaster, and television and radio host.
This book is his story, from the back story of his family origins, and on through his childhood and the early death of the mother he was very close to. He talks about how he first got into journalism and the jump he made to radio, and how he met his wife, also a journalist.
He goes into great detail of his work as a journalist and foreign correspondent, the big stories he covered, the dangerous situations he encountered, the friends he made. When discussing his work as a newscaster and television and radio host, he hits the high points giving the details of two of his major hosting roles, one in television for the series 999, and the other in radio for the show the Moral Maze. He also talks about connecting with the family his father had after him, and his feelings about that.
Buerk had an extensive and fascinating career that hit many major news stories, particularly in Africa, and he is open and expansive about his life, both personal and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his autobiography.

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