Tuesday 5 May 2015


Finished May 4 
Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra, translated by Carolina de Robertis

This short novel has 5 parts, all centered around a relationship between Emilia and Julio, two young Chileans. The first part, Mass, tells of the meeting between the two and gives a little of their back history. The second part, Tantalia, tells of their relationship. The title takes its name from a short story that is related to the end of their relationship.
The third part, Loans, takes us to the long friendship, begun as children, between Emilia and Anita. We see how they have a habit of borrowing each other's belongings, sometimes for a short period of time, sometimes longer, and how comfortable they are with this.
Spares focuses on Julio and his life, what he does for a living, and how he portrays himself to others.
The last part, Two Drawings, gives us both Emilia and Julio's stories again, and we see how they still touch years later.
This is a story that rambles a bit, that moves outside of itself to give the reader commentary. Unusual, but interesting.

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