Thursday 3 April 2014

Until You're Mine

Finished April 2
Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes

This psychological thriller starts with Claudia Morgan-Brown and her husband James advertising for a nanny. James is in the Navy and Claudia is eight and a half months pregnant as well as the stepmother to 4 year old twins Noah and Oscar. Claudia is thrilled to finally be a mother in her own right, but sorry that James will be away for the birth. They both worry about the workload once the baby arrives. Zoe Harper is in her thirties and has a stellar resume, working for families sorry to see her leave. But we see enough background on Zoe to know there is something else going on with her, and she seems desperate to have a baby as well.
When Sally-Ann, a local woman, is found murdered with her baby cut out of her in a botched home Caesarian section, the police can't figure out why someone would do such a thing. Their search takes them to Sally-Ann's friends and acquaintances, including the father of the child and his contacts. The two DIs in charge of this case have different last names, but are husband and wife. They are going through a bad period though after Adam's episode of infidelity. When their oldest daughter Grace shows signs of rebellion, the two draw closer together, but don't know how to stop her.
Zoe is settling in well, with the twins getting along with her and Claudia's close friend Pip, also a pregnant mother, meeting her for playdates and school pickups. But Zoe's past keeps calling her, and she struggles to deal with her job as she sees it. When Claudia suspects her of accessing material she shouldn't, the police also take a closer look.
Lots of suspense here, and some nice twists and turns. Just when you think you have figured things out, the story shifts and you aren't sure of anything anymore. A great read.