Wednesday 30 April 2014


Finished April 28
Scars by Cheryl Rainfield

This young adult novel deals with a couple of difficult themes, cutting and child sexual abuse. The main character, Kendra, only recently became aware of the past sexual abuse she suffered, as the repressed memories began to surface. The violent threats of her abuser still echo inside her head whenever she tries to dig deeper into those memories to find clues to the identity of her abuser. When this voice become too loud and too terrifying, the only way she can calm herself and retreat from those memories is to cut herself.
Kendra is working with a therapist that she has come to trust and she finds comfort when visiting a family friend, Sandy. Another source of comfort for her is her art. Painting helps her let out her feelings in a safe way, but her mother's own artistic ability and opinions on Kendra's art have led her to keep her parents unaware of the paintings she is still creating.
Kendra has had the feeling lately that she is being followed, and she is sure the person following her is her abuser. But when he starts leaving messages for her she becomes even more wary. When a new school friend Meghan starts to play a larger role in her life, Kendra has more strength to face the issues in her life and continue to work to uncover those memories that will lead to the identification of her abuser. But are the threats she is getting from him real, and is she in more danger than ever now?
A difficult read, but a sympathetic character dealt with in real terms. A good addition to any young adult collection.

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  1. The whole phenomenon of cutting is one I was unfamiliar with before this. It was interesting to see one take on what could drive someone to this activity, and makes one think about other causes of self-harm.