Saturday 26 April 2014

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Finished April 26
Last Message by Shane Peacock

This is the final book in Seven: the Series. I've read all the others starting with Between Heaven and Earth, then Lost Cause, then Jump Cut, then Ink Me, then Devil's Pass, and Close to the Heel. They've all been good, and because they're all written by different authors, very different from each other as well.
In this one, the grandson is Adam. Adam lives in Buffalo, New York, and his dad is a commercial pilot, and a veteran of the Gulf War. Adam's last memory of his grandfather is overhearing him say something that really hurt Adam. He feels that his grandfather was disappointed in him, and the task, or really series of tasks, that has been set for Adam is a test of a sort.
Adam is a good kid, plays sports and does okay in school, but has come to feel that being okay at a lot of things means that he isn't really good at anything. He has a girlfriend he likes, but still yearns for the girl that all the other boys want. He is kind to others, but doesn't see that as the character asset that it is.
As Adam works through the tasks, he constantly second guesses his actions, but his determination carries him forward. Adam's tasks take him to France, with his parents enjoying a vacation in Marseilles while he bases his movements from nearby Arles. There are links back to his grandfather David's time in World War II and the contacts he made then, including one with the famous writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. These experiences cause Adam to look at his actions and the choices he made and reflect on them in a thoughtful way.  

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