Thursday 4 July 2013

Chanda's Secrets

Finished July 4
Chanda's Secrets by Allan Stratton

This children's novel comes before the story continued in Chanda's Wars. Chanda is sixteen, and as the book begins her youngest sister, Sara, eighteen months, has died. Chanda's mother is grieving and her step-father is drunk, so she begins the process of organizing the funeral. With her mother lost in grief, Chanda has taken on   most of the household chores as well as going to school. Her step-father hardly comes home and when he finally does, he appears to be dying, but disappears soon after. Chanda's mother's headaches grow worse and she decides to go back to their home village for a visit on the advice of a traditional healer.
Meanwhile, Chanda's friend Esther struggles to make a life for herself, trying to earn enough to bring her family back together. Rumors start and Chanda is told to spend less time with her friend lest her reputation suffer as well. But Chanda values her friendship first and stands beside her friend no matter what. She also finds herself strong enough to reveal her own secret and be open about the illness that has become so common in their community.
A story about families, friendship, truth, and never giving up on your dreams.


  1. Thanks for your review. One small correction: Chanda's Wars is the sequel to Chanda's Secrets.

  2. You are correct of course Brigitte. I read them out of order and a few months apart, so they felt the other way to me. I also remembered Chanda being younger than the 16 she is at the end of Chanda's Secrets in Chanda's Wars.
    Sorry for the misinformation