Monday 1 July 2013

6th Canadian Book Challenge Wrap-Up

This is my wrap-up post for this challenge, which started July 1, 2012 and ended June 30, 2013.

I've read 37 Canadian books over that time period.
Below is my list.

1. Cities of Refuge by Michael Helm, fiction set in Toronto
2. Thirst by Shree Ghatage, fiction set in England
3. Just the Rules by Tosca Reno, about healthy eating
4. The Accidental Captives by Carolyn Gossage, history from World War II
5. Guardians of Being by Eckhart Tolle, about happiness
6. Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay, thriller set in the United States
7. Forgotten Highways by Nicky Brink and Stephen R Bown, about walking in the Rockies
8. The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny, mystery set in Quebec
9. A Door in the River by Inger Ash Wolfe, mystery set in Ontario
10. The Emperor of Paris by C.S. Richardson, fiction set in Paris
11. Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson, mystery set in England and Estonia
12. Choose It and Lose It by Rose Reisman, about healthy eating
13. Whirl Away by Russell Wangersky, short stories set in various Canadian places
14. The Honey Locust by Jeffrey Round, fiction set in Ontario, Sarajevo, and Mexico
15. Chanda's Wars by Allan Stratton, children's fiction set in Africa
16. The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King, about natives in North America
17. Death by Prescription by Terence H. Young, about the dangers of prescription drugs
18. The Next One to Fall by Hilary Davidson, mystery set in Peru
19. Anna from Away by D.R. MacDonald, fiction set in Cape Breton
20. Dear Lila compiled by Robert H. Blackburn, historical letters from Alberta
21. Burma Effect by Michael E. Rose, thriller set in Thailand and Burma
22. Letters from the Lost by Helen Waldstein Wilkes, letters from occupied Europe
23. Everybody Has Everything by Katrina Onstad set in Toronto
24. Deep Leadership by Joe MacInnis, about leadership
25. Bow Grip by Ivan E. Coyote, fiction set in Alberta
26. Queen of Hearts by Martha Brooks, teen fiction set in Manitoba in the 1940s
27. Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley mystery fiction set in England in the 1950s
28. Word from New France, selected letters from the 1600s, from one of Canada's first nuns.
29. Counting Back from Nine by Valerie Sherrard, a teen novel written in poetry.
30. Testify by Valerie Sherrard, a teen novel about the nature of truth.
31. Authentic Letters from Upper Canada, letters from the 1830s back to Ireland
32. The Lion Seeker by Kenneth Bonert, historical fiction set around World War II in Jewish South Africa
33. The Wild Beasts of Wuhan by Ian Hamilton, 3rd in the Ava Lee thriller series
34. Train I Ride by Kit Robinson, a chapbook of poetry
35. The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire, a graphic novel.
36. Mount Pleasant by Don Gillmor, a novel of a man and money.
37. Travelling Light by Peter Behrens, a collection of short stories


  1. you did really well. I loved Thurst and Trust your Eyes. Thanks for all you great reviews.

  2. A great collection -- hope you are reading for the 7th challenge too :)

  3. Glad you enjoy the reviews Irene.
    Yes Melwyk, I've signed up for the 7th Challenge and already have one under my belt for it now.