Thursday, 4 July 2013

An Ignoble Profession

Finished July 4
An Ignoble Profession by Louis Sanders, translated by Michael Woosnam-Mills

This novel, set in the Dordogne region of France, involves British ex-pats with secrets.In the local bookstore, Richard Carter finds a novel that shocks him. He recognizes himself as one of the characters, and some things he wouldn't want made public are there. He also recognizes two other men in the community, and approaches them about the book. Lord Michael Bollington has a few secrets exposed in the novel, some of them potentially criminal. Johnny McGuire has found some underhanded ways to get the money to support his lifestyle. These two involve a fourth man that they recognize, Mark Olson, a man with a past in animal rights activism. All four men put their heads together to try to figure out who is behind the novel. When they think they have it figured out and take action that they believe will prevent any further disclosure, a second novel appears, exposing them further. As they begin to suspect each other, things go out of control.
An interesting look at human nature and an ex-pat community.

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