Wednesday 2 January 2013

The Inconvenient Indian

Finished January 2
The Inconvenient Indian: a curious account of native people in North America by Thomas King

I had to take a break from reading this book at one point because I was getting too angry at the way natives have been treated. There are elements here from King`s Massey lectures, The Truth about Stories, but he has taken things further and given more examples.
King is careful to indicate in his introduction that this isn`t a history, although it contains many references to historical facts. He includes personal anecdotes, but not footnotes and references. As he says, it isn`t an academic work. But it is full of real accounts, of references to real treaties, real laws, and real legal decisions. It is full of passion, humour, and insight.
This account of how native peoples have been treated in the United States and Canada, will make you squirm and generally be uncomfortable, but that`s okay, because that is how we should feel. The real question is, will it make any difference.
I`ve loved King`s writing from my first taste of it, and continue to be astonished by his work.
This is an amazing book that will leave you feeling strongly and add to your knowledge of our continent`s sad history. Highly recommended.

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