Tuesday 1 January 2013

Reading Summary for 2012

Well, even though it seems like my piles of books are bigger than ever, I did do a fair bit of reading in 2012.
Altogether I read 207 books.
I kept some statistics for the year.

Here is the breakdown.
by Audience
Adult:                164
Teen:                  16
Children`s:          27

Physical book:   149
Ebook:                23
Audiobook:         35
Graphic novel:       0 (now that surprised me, have to change that for 2013)

Fiction:                          172
Nonfiction:                      35
Translated:                      11
by a Canadian author:     57 (not bad)
with a European setting:  45
Poetry:                             3 (must increase that for 2013)
Short Stories:                   5 (thought I read more of these than this!)
Essays:                            3 (want to read more of these too)
Library books:               81

Author gender
Male authors:                 94
Female authors:            112
Male and female author:   1

Genre: (I only kept track of a few)
Biography or Memoir:     14
Mystery:                         46
Historical Fiction:            34
Fantasy:                          18
Science Fiction:                 3


  1. Great record keeping, good for you with your # of Canadian authors and library books, I'm impressed. And yes, graphic novels still sort of don't inspire me. must do better as well. Happy New Year fellow reader.

  2. I love reading everyone's year end stats. I think I will expand the categories that I keep track of for 2013, as I'm finding so many intriguing ways of sorting what's been read in everyone else's roundups! I should look at genre and see what shows up.

  3. Thanks Irene. I have a copy of the graphic version of Moby Dick that I`ll be starting soon.
    Great ideas from your stats too Melwyk, I`m going to start tracking the translated languages like you do.